Friday, July 2, 2010

Farmfresh Food

Farmgirl Fare is the subject of my weekly post about what I'm reading on the internet these days.  I am suspicious that my love this blog is because I am jealous of the author. Susan, the author, sold her business in California when she was 26 and moved with her husband to a farm in the midwest.  There they raise sheep, donkeys, chickens, cats, and dogs, grow food for their animals and themselves, hang out with their Amish neighbors, and go antiquing.  Although I would never want a farm as big as they have, I love reading about their adventures, their animals, their food, their problems, and how they solve them.  Susan has tons of recipes and food ideas, that's how and why she started her blog.  One suggestion I am loving is this simple strawberry peanut butter wrap.  A nice filling way to enjoy all those fresh strawberries on hand, and something I wouldn't have though of myself.
As seen on Farmgirl Fare
In addition to all of the great food ideas, and farming stories, Susan has regular doses of cuteness where she shares pictures and stories of lambings and donkeys and kittens and every other adorable thing that happens with animals. Perfect for people like me who want to live vicariously!

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