Sunday, July 25, 2010


You get to see a lot about Lucy, and little bit about our ducklings, but you might have forgotten that we have three intriguing black cats.  This post is dedicated to John.
John is large. He looks like a big ball. We know he is overweight, but he is really happier that way. He is miserable and obnoxious when we try to limit his food at all. Meaning that he meows incessantly until there is food out. He gets obsessed about it. Like he is worried we will forget to ever feed him again. And he has a wide assortment of meows that he can use to get your attention. It's very impressive.

Despite his weight, and ball-like resemblance, he can still manage to look slightly regal occasionally.  Really though, he is a huge lap cat.  He would like nothing better to sit on your lap, or even better, on your back while you lay on the floor.  It really bothers him that we are moving around all day long.

John gets curious about new things. And he occasionally gets stressed out when we mix things up too much. But really, give him a little bit of time, love, and food and he finds his confidence again pretty quick. One of my favorite things about John is that if you shake a bag of his favorite treats, he always comes running and yelling. He will even stand on his hind legs and grab it with his paws. That's his only trick though.

My second favorite thing about John is how comfortable he is with his own body shape. We frequently find him sprawling about on his back, showing his belly, and rolling himself all over. It's quite adorable to have your cat beg for a belly rub.

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