Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Not all of our gardening is successful. Just about every day we remind each other that we are learning. These onions are an example of our gardening ignorance. I bought a set of starts completely on a whim, near the end of May.  I was on a big planting spree and I set them out without reading a single thing about them. I just knew that I liked sweet onions.  The tops grew for a little bit, and then started slowly disappearing. I kind of wrote it off to cat and duck traffic through the garden. Whoever, or whatever, the culprit was, by the time we came back from our 2 week vacation, there was only 2 or 3 little green tops poking out of the ground.  Didn't look like we had planted anything in that box.  When we dug around we could find a few baby onions, but nothing big. So we decided to save what we could. We dug up the whole box and hunted out all the little baby onions. I just didn't know if they would keep growing without any greens above ground. And I thought that the baby onions where better than no onions. This was our total onion crop for this year; 1lb of baby onions and we already ate them all.
Project for this week=learn about planting onions and garlic for next year. I think you plant in the fall for a next year harvest? When in the fall? What kind of soil?

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Brittany said...

so, about your comment... I don't have a compost pile because I get compose from the nearby farmers. At the end of the season last year I just put everything in the garden including the guano and tilled it in. I should but....yuck. I'm scared...