Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Pet Blog Hop and Lucy's First Day

In honor of the Saturday Pet Blog Hop, here is some video footage of Lucy's first day with us.

We got Lucy from a breeders a little over four hours south of us.  We weren't planning on getting a puppy that day, but we knew there was a slim possibility.  We were actually going to look at a litter that was a little bit younger than Lucy's and wouldn't be ready for a few weeks.  But we fell in love with Lucy, her markings where just too darn cute.  And we decided to take her home with us that day instead of driving back again a week later.  One of our planned spontaneous decisions.  Wade, Lynne, and Tyler drove from their house to the breeders, which was very nice.  Both to have them with us and for Andrew not to drive as much.

We had a four hour plus drive back from the breeders.  Lynne took this video when we stopped at their house to drop them off and let Lucy run around.  She looks so funny in this, it makes us laugh!

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