Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We are home!

We've actually been back since Saturday night. But I feel bogged down in all of the things that I want to get done, so blogging isn't the highest priority right now. Our trip was great. We saw tons of people, relaxed a ton, and didn't take near enough pictures. I am going to be busy stealing some from friends and family. Until then, here are some highlights.  There will be many posts from this trip.  Someday that is not now.
Lucy with a goopy eye and her gentle leader on.  Not her most photogenic, but adorable nonetheless.

Lauriel & Andrew's highlights:
BBQ with Bybee cousins in Salt Lake City
Staying with Rachelle and Taylor
BBQ with Ward Family in Utah
Seeing Tommy, Meg, and Jaevin in Logan
Staying with Gma Anthony and the Burtons in Pocatello
BBQ with Bybee's in Pocatello
Seeing the Berkeley Pit in Montana
Lauriel getting food poisoning or something like it from Taco Bell.  Didn't last long, don't worry.
Priest Lake for 6 short days (lots of books, cribbage, and relaxing)
Scenic route home

Lucy's highlights:
Sleeping for 25 hours straight on the way to Utah (Seriously.  15 minutes breaks only)
Trying to get Frankie to play at the Bybee BBQ in SLC
Meeting a turtle at Rachelle and Taylor's
Playing with Ollie at the Ward BBQ in Utah
Meeting a horse at Tommy and Meg's
Attacking a plastic bunny at the Anthony/Burton's
Eating cherry pits and wrestling with kids at the Bybee's in Pocatello
Sleeping for another 20 hours or so on the way to Priest Lake.
Trying to get Orion to play at Priest Lake, not swimming in the lake, laying on the sand, and scavenging for any dropped food possible.
Very excited to be home.  Gained 10 lbs and grew about 3 inches while we were gone :)

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Kimball Family said...

Glad we got to see you!