Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We are leaving...

...today.  The car is packed, filled to the brim with camping gear. And we won't be back until the 18th.  And I doubt I will blog anything until the 19th or 20th because I will be buried in laundry. Totally worth it as we get to spend an evening with Bybee cousins, an evening with Ward family, a day with Rachelle, a day with my cousin Nicole, a evening with Tommy, Meg, & Jaevin, and a weekend with Anthonys and Burtons and more Bybees.  All by Sunday.  Whew right?  Then a week of camping with my family.  Sounds perfect!
She's coming with us...and will be totally exhausted with all of the excitement.  Perfect!

But don't worry, while we are gone there will be posts about
  • composting
  • flowers
  • garden
  • ducks
  • horseradish
  • blog hops
  • Andrew's senior recital
You won't even miss me at all.  Promise!

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