Saturday, August 7, 2010

7 Lucy Facts to share for the Saturday Pet Blog Hop

If you are visiting by way of the Saturday Pet Blog Hop, welcome!
Lucy "watching" Andrew while at Priest Lake, Idaho on July 15, 2010
7 Facts you might not know about Lucy

1.  Her birthday is on March 10th, 2 days after mine.
2.  She eats Eagle Pack Giant Breed dog food with fresh veggies mixed in.  She loves the veggies!  And fresh fruit (which she finds while we pick), and peanut butter, and any other food she can manage to steal.
3.  Lucy has a few favorite blankets, an old blue fleece one that was mine for a while and a nice thick Mexican blanket that we were using for picnics.  She decided it's home base and has claimed it as hers.
4.  Lucy loves her crate.  And we love having her sleep there.  It keeps us sane and she gets good solid sleep.
5.  Lucy is losing teeth regularly, she has lost all of the front ones between the canines, we are hoping those go soon!  We are looking forward to less ripping on our clothes and arms from those little puppy shark teeth.
6.  Lucy is getting pretty good at fetching, especially with those squeaky Kong tennis balls.  She's not perfect, and you can't do it for too long or she loses interest, but she's getting the hang of it.
7.  Commands Lucy knows: sit, down, wait, stay, right here (a come around to your side and sit), shake, twirl (clockwise), spin (counterclockwise), stay close (while on leash), touch, watch me, give me kiss, leave it (kind of), give it, tiny teeth, and we have started teaching hide and find it games.  

You can read more about Lucy in these posts.  And yes puppies are a lot of work, but she's a lot of fun too!  Always good for a cuddle too!


Kira said...

Wow - Lucy knows WAY WAY more commands than Murphy. Maybe she can teach him a few!


Life with 5 dogs said...

Hello we are your newest followers from the pet blog hop! Lucy is one smart cookie. She is a very cute doggy.
Your friends

Pup Fan said...

Nice to meet you Lucy! Happy blog hop!