Monday, August 30, 2010


Abbey is a freakin' awesome cat. She is the cattiest of all our cats, and not in a bad way at all.

She really claimed us. In the summer of 2008, we saw her in the parking lot of apartment building, in the middle of the night, several nights in a row. She would play with us when we walked by, and would try and come in our house with us. She was tiny, scrawny, and covered with fleas. She wasn't afraid of anything. A few times she made it in our house, checked out John and Paul, who were terrified of her, and tried to sleep on the couch. After a few days of this, we decided to keep her. At least until we could find a home for her. We brought her on the deck, cleaned her up and started feeding her. She was super hungry. And we posted missing kitten signs, just in case she was lost. After a couple days of her making herself at home, we decided to keep her. Who saw that coming?

We made her an appointment to get spayed, gave her an appropriate Beatles themed name, and bought her a collar. After all those nights of her running around in the parking lot, and then almost a week of living in our house, a neighbor called about missing a kitten. So, she went back to live with them. Clawing them all the way across the parking lot. I cried.

Fast forward a few more weeks. During this time I had been drooling over browsing through the kittens on craigslist and I stumbled across an available kitten that looked just like our Abbey. With an address right next door. And the owner wanted $20 for the medication she had put into her for getting rid of fleas. We went and got Abbey back the next day. And no, I did not pay the $20.

Abbey now spends her days doing exactly as she pleases. She isn't intimidated by Lucy at all. Sometimes, she teases Lucy to get Lucy to chase her. I swear. Other times, Lucy will bark at her while she is sleeping and try and paw at her and Abbey just flat out ignores it. It's awesome. She comes and goes when she pleases. She taught the boys to hunt and kills countless mice everyday and the occasional bird. She's a great farm cat. She doesn't chase our ducks or our chickens. If she doesn't make it inside before we go to bed at night, she knows to come to our bedroom window and meow. She doesn't ever eat so much that she throws up (John and Paul). She refuses to learn tricks for treats. She claimed the window seat bed as her own. She isn't scared of anything. She doesn't always want love (John) but when she decides she wants your attention, she REALLY loves it and lets you know it.

And here are a "few" photos of the little girl.
Abbey learning to be a lounge cat.
Abbey dressing up for our Christmas card that year
Abbey's first time in the snow. Yes, she is on a leash. We lived in an apartment and in those days, the cats weren't allowed to go outside, only on our deck.
Abbey when we first got her, banished to the deck because of fleas.
After a few good meals, making herself at home.
Abbey, with a mouse she was sharing with us.

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Kira said...

best christmas card ever.