Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blueberries fresh, frozen, jammed, wined, and syruped (kind of)

At the beginning, there were 21 lbs of blueberries from Boxx Berry Farm. 10 lbs picked one day and 11 lbs picked on another. Many of these berries were eaten fresh. So many, in fact, that stomach aches were had all around.
Some of these berries were made into a delicious batch of Blueberry-lime jam cooked jam. That's right, Blueberry-lime. It's my new favorite, and that is saying a lot. We also tried our hand at making syrup. There was a lot of cooking, stirring, and straining to be done.
Blueberry jam
Andrew with blueberry syrup, sort of
And in the end, it didn't turn out. It tastes delicious, but it is definitely Blueberry-lemon jelly, not Blueberry syrup. We think the problem is that we cooked the water-sugar mixture in too big of a pot so that too much of the water cooked off before it got to the right temperature. We may also have squeezed the berries too hard when pressing the juice through. Oh well, at least it tastes delicious!
Blueberry products
In the end, there is 2.5 lbs canned blueberry syrup, 3 lbs canned blueberry jam, 6 lbs frozen berries for wine making this winter, 4 lbs frozen berries for munching, and 1 lb of dehydrated berries.

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