Friday, August 6, 2010

Honey the Great Dane

Since we've gotten Lucy, I've enjoyed reading blogs written by pet owners more and more.  Some of them are just fun or funny, but a few of them have really solid advice about training and dog care.  I especially like reading about Honey the Great Dane, because it is obviously relevant.  The blog is written from Honey's point of view, and her human is very knowledgeable about training, nutrition, and issues with large breeds.  She writes for a living, so it's nice to read.  Some of the posts are serious, with tips that they have learned through experience and research.  Other posts are just fun, with video clips of Honey during training and play sessions.  Andrew and I aren't near as serious about training as Honey's human is, but we do think it is important to have a well trained dog.  Especially when the dog will be larger than me.  My favorite post is called So you want a doggie like me? and is all about the good and the bad of having a great dane.  It's long but it's good.  Actually, it's pretty perfect.  The post covers all of the many positives and all of the difficult hard things.  All the things that you have to think about, plan for, and consider before making a decision to get a great dane.  I highly recommend reading it. I might print it and start distributing it to everyone who mobs us in public.  Read it, even if you don't want one and you just wonder why in the world we would ever pick that breed. 
Honey not in the kitchen, taken from
If you want to know more about Great Danes, and what living with one, inviting us to visit, or coming to visit us is like, read this article.

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