Thursday, August 19, 2010

Peaches for Me

So we went on this really great camping/rafting trip last weekend with Andrew's family. We've done it the last few years and it's always nice to spend the weekend with everyone. And the rafting is good too, especially when there are no incidents going over waterfalls. This year, for some weird reason, traffic was really bad getting down to the White Salmon. Took us 9 hours. We think it should have been 6 or 7 without traffic. So on the way back, we decided to take back roads to and then through Mt. Rainer National Park. At one point, we got a little bit side tracked on a dirt road and turned around to take the paved road, costing us about an hour. Other than that the drive was beautiful and traffic free all day.  In the end though, I think we still spent about 9 hours in the car, just a prettier 9 hours.  We did stop for dinner at my parents on the way back, which was nice.  My mom also ordered a box of peaches for us that we picked up while we were there.  Which were pretty ripe and ready to be used.

Fast forward two hours to 10 pm when we get home.  And the forecast for the next few days is high 80s, which is hot and muggy when you have no AC.  And we decide to start canning.  At about 10, 10:30.
We are getting better at canning, but it still takes over our whole kitchen.
Me: hot and tired and dirty from camping.  Staring at all the work we have to do while I'm waiting for the water to boil.  It's still hot to can at midnight.
Pretty Peaches
A very tired and confused Lucy.  Why can't we just go to sleep guys? And yes I gave her that box to tear apart.
10 quarts of peaches later we were finished.  And then we cleaned the kitchen for an hour to attempt to thwart the fruit flies.  It was 2 am by the time we were done.  But we did manage to prep the peaches for the 2 batches of Raspberry Peach Jam on Monday night and 2 batch of Peach Cobbler Jam on Tuesday night.  I am done with peaches for a while.  I don't even want to eat one.

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Brittany said...

YUM! We didn't do peaches this year because they froze. I have been thinking of buying a box or 2 but we'll see. It is a lot of work...especially for the inexperienced.