Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some things....

Sometimes I wish I could do this as much as she does
1.  I start work on the 7th.  Which means I have to wean myself off of 10 hours of sleep a night (seriously) and get into work mode.

2.  I have 3551 pictures in my iphoto.  That doesn't include the 5 folders of events from 2009 that still need to be scrapbooked so that I can make our book for the year. 

3.  I have been slacking on this project and need to get back ahead of it for a bit.  It's not hard to maintain as long as I stay a few weeks ahead.  I'm not.  I forgot a post last week, and had to beg for help the week before.  Thanks everyone for your help.  Got to get back on the plan...

4.  We met with a build/design company that I think we be working with on our cob house.  More on that coming soon.  Soon is a relative term.  More on that when I get to it.

5.  I have 4 email accounts.  And I need them all and should honestly be checking them all frequently.  That's sick and wrong.

6.  I have maxed out my free photoupload capabilities on blogger and am currently looking for a free solution.  Right now, I'm logging into blogger as Andrew to upload the pictures.  He's part of this team, he can take some of the photo storage responsibilities right?

7.  I cleaned out my google reader, read the quick stuff and the stuff that I knew I could just easily click as read.  I'm down to just posts that I want to really read.  It's at 199 posts.  Hence, I cleaned out my subscriptions, down to the ones that I really consistently enjoy reading.

8.  Andrew says our to-do list is overwhelming.  It is.  But then, it's always overwhelming.  And what part would you want to cut out?  (Andrew: you can't answer school/work.  It's not an option.)

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Granny said...

Absolutely love your blog. It is always so interesting and informative. Please don't stop it. I feel like we are part of your life when reading what is going on in it. You could be pioneers of old - you can do so much stuff. Love you both lots!!