Thursday, August 12, 2010


What do you think is an acceptable response in this situation:

One of your cats walks past your sleeping puppy on the deck and into the house carrying a dead mouse.  He drops it on the living room floor to show you.  You are grossed out from a distance than go to look a little bit closer.  The mouse gets up and starts to move.  Your puppy wakes up and starts to come inside.  Do you:
A)  Grab the puppy and start to scream for your husband, who happens to be 10 ft away, to get the mouse. 
B)  Be superwoman and calmly grab the puppy in one hand, the live mouse in the other, and take them both outside where you safely release the mouse.
C)  Faint.


Amanda said...

Well, I don't know if 'acceptable', but I sure know what I would do. A. Mainly because I've done it before. Not the exact situation. But live animals at the mercy of our dog. Or dead animal parts he would bring into the house which we eventually found because of the smell, one being an entire deer head. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Note that in situation A, the Husband has already helped the Wife "fix" a messed up batch of cookie dough, and was in the middle of practicing his trumpet.
-The Husband

Kimball Family said...

I vote scream for husband. Mice are gross.