Thursday, September 30, 2010

6 years hiking

Proof that I'm not on top of it: this post is almost a month old.

Our 6 year anniversary (congrats to us!) was on the 1st of September and we celebrated by taking a a little overnight hiking trip. We hadn't gone all summer because we didn't know how Lucy would do. We didn't want to hike a long ways in and then have her crash and not be able to get her out. So, this was her first overnight backpacking trip! After a little drive up to Mt. Baker, about 2 hours away, we did a short 4 or 5 mile hike from Artist's Point to the chain lakes. It definitely could have been an easy day hike, but it was fun to hang out.  We stayed in a backpacking site, on a ridge, with a lake on either side of the ridge. It was great! It was so nice to be out in the beautiful sunshine and enjoy the scenery and the calm.  Get ready for 10 million pictures....
Lucy saw snow for the first time
And it made her go a little bit crazy
Not sure how the other hiker felt about the enormous puppy galloping all over the glacier with him.

Lots of beautiful views

Lucy found every bit of snow possible to leave her footprints on
Andrew setting up our awesome tent
Lucy the helper
Lucy slept in the tent between us.  She is not very respectful of space.  And backpacking tents don't have walls that are as durable as her crate.  And she is super hot.  Which made for a restless night of adjusting her and us to keep her claws off the walls, us from overheating, and her from pushing us through the sides of the tent.  Not doing that one again.  Anyone have any great ideas on where to make your dog sleep when you take them backpacking?  She will be too cold to sleep outside alone....and she would probably paw at the tent to get in.  So that's not really an option.  Any others?
We had our own private pond that was perfect Lucy playing size.  Not so good for drinking, at least not for our drinking water.  The pond also brought a ton of mosquitoes out which made hanging around not quite as comfy.  Did you know mosquitoes bite dogs?
Lucy also had her own private glacier hill.
This video is terrible, it was taken on an old digital camera, but at least you can get an idea of how crazy she was about this hill.
View from the hill that our tent sat on.  Gorgeous.
A worn out Lucy, looking a little forlorn that she doesn't have her cedar chip bed.
But the awesome smells on the breeze make up for it.
Another gorgeous view picture.  I love the ripples on the lake.
Andrew and Lucy going in a little cave we found alongside the lake.
Slightly spooky.
Andrew and Lucy in the pitch black cave.
Looking out from the back end of the cave.
It's a little too dark for me.
Andrew can still hold Lucy....for now.
She did a little wading, and fell in once for a full on swim. Too cold for us!
Watching grasshoppers.
Lucy watching, best hiking entertainment ever
Trying to get us and the mountain....not quite as easy as just us.  Why can't Lucy learn to take a good photo?
And more mountains
Don't we live in an amazingly beautiful part of the world!  I wish we were doing this again right now!

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Kira said...

Aww that looks like so much fun! I don't have much advice about the dog in the tent thing. Murphy is a sleep under the covers kind of dog and he loves camping. He's not particularly respectful of space either, but apparently I'm a pushover!