Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple Wine

Just before school started, we had a wine catch-up day. We checked all of our wines, re-racked everything that needed it, bottled our second batch of Apple Wine, and made a calendar to keep us organized on when we need to do what for each batch of wine we have left in carboys. Making wine has been pretty easy so far, it's the keeping it all organized part that is slightly difficult. I think we now have a system that is manageable and something that we can maintain throughout the school year and summer as we start new wines and bottle the current ones.  Each reracking, or time we need to check the wine goes in our shared google calendar as an event.  That way I can forget about it for the next 30 days until is shows up on my planner.  Simple right?  Don't know why we didn't think of it a while ago.  It was kind of fun to get all of our wines out and examine them all at the same time. We have some very pretty colors going on!

The apple wine settling and waiting for it's labels.
All labeled and ready to age.

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Kira said...

"booze by bybee" love it!!