Saturday, September 18, 2010


Our beans were tasty, but we just didn't get as many as we had hoped for.  I think next year we are going to try pole beans instead of bush beans.  Since our beans had quit producing and we weren't nearly satisfied, we decided to get some on one our semi-regular trips to Half Acre Farm. We meant to pick 10 lbs, so we could get the bulk discount. But we got a little bit excited and just kept picking, 14 lbs worth.  They had three different kinds and Andrew, who is a connoisseur of raw beans, declared them all tasty.  It was a good amount of washing, trimming, and filling jars.  Again, I am so glad that Andrew and I can together.
Me, in the groove

A jar of dilly beans is such an interesting looking and tasting treat.  I love that you can see the garlic and dill
12 of these delicious treats.
We used up all of our pint jars but we still had tons of beans left.  So we decided to try just canning the beans plain.  That means you have to use the pressure cook. 
Yes, this scary beast.  I'm terrified of it for some reason.  Probably because of all the stories my mom has told me about how it is going to blow up. Thanks mom.  Luckily, Andrew got annoyed with my nervousness and just did it for me.
It was a little bit noisy but other than that it behaved quite nicely.
And we ended up with 6 large jars to enjoy this winter.
Another beautiful and delicious addition to our cupboards.


Sustainable Eats said...

I'm still too scared to can green beans that aren't pickled even though I have a pressure canner! I freeze some but mostly we just wait until the following bean season. Not worth it to me!

Emily said...

bussy...busy...busy. You guys are awesome. Those look so yummy!