Friday, September 17, 2010

A breath

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I have lots of things I want to post about but this first week of school just plain wore me out.  I know it will get better, but for now I'm exhausted and the thought of thinking wears me out.  I'm worn out from countless conversations with very energetic middle schoolers.  Boys who I used to look down on now tower over me, but they still trip, jump, and play like a pack of puppy dogs.  Lucy size puppy dogs.  Right now, just watching them wears me out.  And the girls are so excited to tell me about their new clothes, school supplies, and haircuts.  I love it.  But I've also been doing lots of running up and down the halls, sorting out several new students, gathering lots of information on the spot (and trying to remember it!), and answering lots of questions from lots of different people.  Having to multitask on such an intense level becomes physically exhausting.  I am so grateful that today is Friday and that I have a chance to take a breath and gear up for the next week.  If I'm not posting regularly, don't give up on me, I promise it will get better.

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