Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Lucy had her first day of daycare on Monday! Tails a Wagging, where we take her for obedience class, has a daycare where you can drop your dog off at 7 in the morning and pick them up at 6 in the evening (or anytime in between). The trainers play with them and work with them all day long. They also brush their teeth, work on manners, and practice basic commands.  It is a little pricey at $24 a day, but we figure if we only do it every other week or so for a couple of months, it will be worth it. It's nice to have her socialized with so many different dogs, learn to play around them, get to practice commands and manners around dogs, and have practice working with people other than us. Those are hard skills for us to work on so we are hoping her time at daycare will pay off. And she came home exhausted which is a plus. And I mean really exhausted, like we've never seen her before.
A cute picture from the Tails A Wagging facebook page.  They always manage to get her looking goofy, I should post her picture from Kindergarten graduation.
Lucy playing with her friend Koda.  They met all the way back in Puppy Preschool.  Her little report card said that they played hard together all day long.  This picture is also from the Tails Facebook page.
And here are a few pictures that I copied from the webcams.  Yes, they have webcams going all day long so that you can check in on your dog.  It was funny to see how her attitude changed during the day.
That is Lucy over on the right, pinning another dog to the wall.  She knows how to use her size :)

Lucy, laying down behind the trainer, dead tired.

More wrestle mania.
Just a little hang out time.
Can you find Lucy?  Look in the far back of the picture.  She is laying down, exhausted.  She laid like that for a long time while all the other dogs played around her.

Don't you think working at a Doggie Daycare would be a dream job?

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