Friday, September 24, 2010


We are getting eggs regularly now! We actually have been for a while now, I just haven't gotten around to posting about it. The chickens are quite happy in their pen. They scratch for bugs all day and we give them lots of kitchen scraps in addition to their feed.  We cornered the egg eater and clipped the tip of her beak off. She is still able to eat the feed, but can't break the eggs and eat them. I know, it seems slightly inhumane, but the other option was killing her. Which seemed worse than not having a pointy beak.  And most things we read said it felt about like clipping toenails, in fact, Andrew used Lucy's toenail clippers to do it. Her beak tip will grow back, so we will have to do it again, but for now, we are getting beautiful eggs and the chickens aren't eating them.
All of the eggs look different but you can tell that some are laid by the same chicken. There is one chicken who lays an egg that looks like this everyday. Another who tends to lay doubles about every other day and one who lays eggs with more flecks on them. They are so pretty!

We have more eggs than we can eat so we are selling some to friends who are in the area.  If you want to be on our list to get eggs get me your email address.  I will email you when we have a dozen ($3) ready to go!

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