Monday, September 20, 2010


Lucy & Max-September 17, 2010
I have quite a few posts planned and started that have pictures of Lucy in them, but here is a little teaser that Andrew took just the other day. This is a very hot and tired Lucy that had been walking around Bellingham all day with Andrew and our friend Max as they took pictures.

Some current info about Lucy:
We have no idea how much she weighs or how tall she is. I can't pick her up though and I'm totally guessing that she weighs around 60 lbs.

She doesn't try and get on the furniture anymore, which is great.  She does think it's great on the rare morning when we let her get in bed with us for a few minutes.  She lays there so still and won't move or she knows we are getting up.

We are teaching her to stay out of the kitchen and she is doing great! No more stealing food off of the counters! She is learning not to cross the line of tape that we put on the floor. She doesn't cross it while we are in there, but when we leave the kitchen we put a gate up just in case.

Lucy is getting way better about not trying to steal food off of your plate or out of your hand. Instead we taught her that she has to go to her place while we eat and lay down, and then we give her food. Yeah, it's still begging food. But at least it is begging respectfully.

She starts Puppy Prep School class this coming Saturday, it will be good to have something structured to work with her on again.

She will do anything you ask, when you have food. If you don't have food, sometimes you have to use a grumpy voice to get any response.

Lucy loves meeting new people and still does great in social situations.  It's so exciting to get to lick all the new people!

She pulls a lot while when you walk her. We are working on it, but she has a hard time slowing those long legs down to our pace.

She loves to try and steal our clothes.  Socks or sweatshirts you leave lying around, or clean laundry.  She gives it up easy, but it is so exciting when she gets it.  Instant zoomies.

She is obsessed with tug of war.  She will bring you her toy over and over again and shove it at you until you pull with her.  We always win.  And we make her sit before she gets it back.  We have to have some control over this beast!

She loves when we go to Costco because we give her all the boxes and she "breaks them down" for us afterwords.  She is a great help.

We love having her around!

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