Sunday, September 19, 2010

Throwing in the Towel

Something has to go. I just can't maintain everything I want to do and something has to go.  So....I'm not going keep updating my blog where I journal about the books I'm reading.  It was just too much.  And it felt like a chore.  Usually a good sign that it's not a good hobby.  You probably won't miss the blog a single bit as I haven't add a book in a long while.  I have been reading though and been keeping track of each book I finish.  I have a nice long list of books that I want to share.  The separate blog about it was just too much.  Especially as I have a goodreads account too.  So I'm giving up the blog but will faithfully update goodreads on my reading.  If you haven't tried goodreads, you should.  It's so simple to use and keep up on and it actually helps me find good books to read.  If you are on goodreads, I'd love to be your friend.  If you're not, I added a little gadget to the right side of the blog that will show you the books that I am reading and how I rated them.  I have added a few of the books from my summer reading list and will add a few more here and there as I get a chance!

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