Monday, September 27, 2010

Visit to Portland

Visiting our family in Portland was a wonderful last trip before the start of the school rush. My mom's parents live outside Portland in a cute little apartment. They were gracious enough to let us stay with them, even though their two cats weren't very impressed with Lucy's size and bark. Spending two days with them was fast, too fast. We spent a lot of time eating and talking and I could have kept going for a few more days. We will definitely have to do it again soon!
Andrew and I, ready to go to church with Granny & Poppy
Me, filling my plate at Uncle Clifford's and Aunt Elaine's.  In the background, you can see Neil drinking pop and Aunt Elaine holding Clint on her lap.
Caity, Clifford, and a little bit of Poppy
Kourtney giving Clint kisses
Erin, Clint, and Neil
Me & Granny
Lucy, very hot after running around Clifford and Elaine's backyard.
Andrew, Lucy, me, & Poppy
Another one of Andrew and I just before church

Thank you Granny and Poppy for letting us come stay with you, feeding us all weekend, and for taking all the pictures! Hope we get to see you soon!


Amanda said...

You guys look so good! I love your outfit that you wore to church Lauriel. Yes, I know, I am giving you clothes compliments online, Silly me. But really beautiful picture of you two!

Kira said...

You guys are always so adorable (and of course Lucy!)