Friday, October 1, 2010

Andrew by Rebecca

Andrew 2010

My cousin Rebecca wrote about Andrew to share on the Ward Family Blog, a fun article to read.  I love to hear how someone else would sum up Andrew in just a few paragraphs, I don't know if I could do it.  She did a great job, my favorite line was when she said, "He is not afraid to have dreams and pursue them."  That is so true.  Sometimes I am afraid to have dreams and go after them, I hate the idea of being disappointed.  He keeps me dreaming and I love that about him.  I also love that he has no set ideas about what his role in our life is and what my role is.  We are both free to dream about having jobs and careers, or about being the stay at home parent.  We both cook and clean and he is way better at envisioning a craft project and making it happen.  I think the only thing we stick to is having him take care of our cars and me keep track of where we have to be when.  And that is just fine with me!  Click here to read all of what Rebecca said about Andrew!

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