Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dill Pickles

A few weeks back, we made dill pickles for the first time ever. It wasn't hard at all, just a lot of cutting and packing in jars, which I think can be mentally soothing. I can't remember the recipe we used now, but it was nothing fancy. Just a basic brine with some fresh dill and garlic in the jars. We had more cucumbers than we had jars, so we filled one noncanning safe jar and put it fresh in the fridge. We've already started snacking on them, even though the recipe said to wait six weeks. They are the best pickles I have ever had! Even Andrew says he loves them and snacks on them, even though he usually doesn't like pickles. We will definitely be doing pickles again next year, maybe we will try a few different kinds!

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Rebecca Johnson said...

next year you've got to try bread and butter pickles too...homemade are sooo good. :)