Friday, October 8, 2010


It's Friday and that makes me smile!  I love my job, but I'm looking forward to this weekend.  On my mind tonight:

Levi is home and got a good bill of health from the doctor today.  No more monitors, no more medication!  Rachelle also shared some adorable pictures today, he really is a beautiful baby.

We picked up a CSA box for a friend yesterday (thanks Kira!) and it was awesome!  Loved the surprise factor of not knowing what you are getting.  I made some end of summer tomato soup tonight, I'll share the recipe soon.  It was a great way to get rid of our green tomatoes.

We have Lucy wearing a harness again.  She was just getting too much to handle while walking.  She can heal some of the time, but she can't maintain it for a whole walk.  And I can't control her on the collar when she gets worked up about something.  We've already taken her on a few walks and it was so much better.  She was pulling less and didn't seem as overstimulated.  It was a much more enjoyable walk.

Paul got bit by something on his foot.  It seems to be healing ok, it doesn't appear to be broken.  But he is quarantined to our room where he is happily sleeping on our bed and eating in peace without any disturbances from Lucy.  We can't quite figure out what got him though, it's a weird place for an injury.

Andrew cleaned the bathrooms while I made dinner and feels amazing!  How does our house always feel messy?

Here's to a relaxing, yet productive weekend!

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