Saturday, October 2, 2010


I am so happy to be an aunt! I wish I got to meet this little guy before Thanksgiving.  I am jealous of everyone down there...but I'm trying to be patient. As some of you know, Levi had some fluid in his lungs from the delivery and developed pneumonia. He has been in the NICU all week on antibiotics and has been improving steadily. He was scheduled to go home today, but when Rachelle and Taylor went to pick him up, he had had some fluctuation in oxygen levels and they decided to keep him for another night to monitor his breathing. The doctors are sure that he will be fine, with no long term effects. But I can't even imagine how difficult it is for Rachelle and Taylor not to be able to bring him home. We are thinking about you three and hoping tomorrow will be the big day! You can read more about how Levi is doing and see more pictures of him on the Kimball Family Blog. Here is one of my favorites!

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