Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lucy the Agility Dog

As part of Lucy's current puppy class, they try a new piece of agility equipment every week. They try them with a lot of assistance to ensure that no one gets hurt and that all the pups have a positive first experience, but she really seems to enjoy it. She's jumped through hoops, over jumps, through tires, stood on platforms, gone through tunnels, and this week tried this tipping beam thing. Not the greatest video, but it makes us laugh because our oversized pup really likes working on the agility equipment! I wished I had videotaped when we did the tunnel, because she just ran back and forth over and over again!

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Legsintheline said...

She is quite agile, i made a new blog, and i think it looks pretty bad so far, but by your inspiration... blogspot it is. Thank you both for my picture. I like it in our bathroom.