Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lucy, "sitting" on the couch

Lucy is not allowed on the couches. Our reasoning being that soon she will take up the entire couch leaving no room for us humans to sit down. So instead, she is provided with multiple comfy dog beds and we frequently join her for snuggles on the floor. Lucy, always one to test the boundaries, has discovered a new way to enjoy the benefits of the couch without getting in trouble. The rule: You're safe as long as you have 3 legs on the floor.
Lucy "sitting" on the couch
Am I in trouble?
What are you laughing at?  Is something going on over there?
Huh?  You're laughing at me?
What's wrong with my butt?  I don't see anything funny about this!
This scenario happens multiple times each day. Usually with the same facial expressions.


Combitos said...

It's shocking to me how similar your Lucy can be to my kids. :) They are a LOT smarter than they want you to believe!

Kimball Family said...

Someone is definitely trying to bend the rules!

Wyatt said...

Haha...good one Lucy. I'm not allowed on the living room carpet either, but I always figure that maybe it's okay to just have the front paws over the line. :)