Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lucy's Agility Moves

For those of who are visiting from the Pet Blog Hop and are new to our blog, Lucy is our 7 month old Great Dane. Right now she is finishing up her 2nd obedience class. In this class, the focus is on holding commands for longer, in areas with more distraction, and working off leash. There is also a portion of each class where the pups try out different agility equipment. Lucy loves it! Here are a few video's (all very short) from last weeks class of her playing around and trying out some new equipment.
We got out the tunnel and before I could get my phone camera ready, Lucy had already started through the tunnel. Here is her first mad romp, with a little slide out at the end. We left it out while the pups got to play together and had lots of good laughs as Lucy and Leo, a large German Shepherd would pass each other in the tunnel. How they fit in there together, I have no idea. This is Lucy, trying the weave poles for the first time, with her trainer Carmen. And here she is practicing the weave poles with Andrew.
This last video is of Lucy putting together three different pieces of equipment, a small jump, a long tunnel, and a hanging tire.


Shawn Becker said...

What a beautiful girl you are Lucy and you did great in your agility training. I am a new follower of you and your family!


Kristine said...

Lucy has some moves! She'll be a champion in no time.

I actually was wondering a while back if it would be possible to train a Great Dane in agility. Now I know. :-)

LeAnn said...

My compliments. Big dog parents have certain responsibilities to control and incorporate the 4 legged members into the pack. It looks like you are doing this extremly well. My Golden Retriever, Jake, has looked at your posts at least as much as I have. Just saying.