Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Things around the House

We've had a few new purchases lately, all of which I am just loving.  Thought I would share a little bit about them with you!

The first is a new tea kettle that we bought at Costco. Totally random unplanned purchase, but I'm so glad that we got it. We paid $20 for it at Costco, when I looked it up online, they are selling between $40-50. And this is the ONLY red one I could find online, the only photo of it online, and it was on Amazon. Chantal, the company that makes it, only sells it in green. The cheery red color is one of my favorite things about it! That and the fact that there are no parts that melt or burn you like on our old tea kettle.  Very happy to see my tea kettle every morning, it has a nice little whistle to it.
We got new phones! We ended up both getting the Palm Pre phones, and we are so happy with them. They were free with a new two year contract, great price right? And we got to stay with Verizon so we can talk with all of our friends and family for free. And we get an unlimited data plan for $30 a month. And the phones work as a mobile hotspot so we are getting rid of our home internet service. They have all the internet, email, and organizing features I could want. The only thing that isn't perfect is the video/camera quality. But it's not bad. I'll try and share some phone pictures soon. I would absolutely recommend this phone to anyone who wants some of the new features out there without paying a fortune.
Our new salt and pepper shakers are probably not the most economically smart purchase, and they weren't really necessary.  But they are awesome and it makes me happy to use them.  They are grinders, so you get that fresh ground taste, but you can pump grind it with just one hand.  They have a nice fine grind, and it disperses well instead of ending up in one clump.  And there are no plastic pieces to melt, like on our old salt and pepper shakers.  I think we have a problem with things melting near our stove.  They are made by Vic Firth and they have a few different but similar styles.  Andrew tells me that they also make drumsticks, something that I find quite funny.

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Ginger Doty said...

Lauriel and Andrew - you two are awsum!! Can't believe all you have done in your house already - it looks so good and so comfortable. Enjoyed so very much the shower on Saturday. The food was great and the friends and the gifts. Have a great week.

Love you lots, Granny