Monday, October 4, 2010

Quick Takes

1.  We are surviving getting back in a school/work routine.  And surviving is about all it is some days.  We've been exhausted most nights, but I know it will get better.  Getting in the rhythm and having a routine will make it all feel better.

2.  Lucy is back in another obedience class, and it's great timing.  She's still really good...but she is definitely pushing her limits to see what she can get away with.  Having a class once a week is good for her and good for us.

3.  We cleaned out boxes and boxes of stuff that we weren't using or had never used.  I have no idea what it all was, just random stuff.  We had a garage sale, sold a little bit of it, and dropped the rest off at Value Village.  And the we made a deal that we would let that much accumulate again.  Where does it all come from?

4.  Except for the last few squashes, the garden is over.  And we ran out of energy for a good fall/winter garden.  I want to do, and it's on the books for next year.  Just not this time around.  It was a good garden, we loved having it and we learned tons.  One of these days I want to sit down and make a good/bad post about the garden so that I can have a better plan for next year.

5.  We have resigned ourselves that the cob house plan is out.  We can't seem to find anywhere that will finance new home construction, even traditionally, with less than 20% down.  We can't come up with that kind of a down payment, at least not in the next couple of years.  So, we have resigned ourselves to putting that plan on hold and trying to move forward with buying land with a livable house of some sort that we could build on in the future.  Keep you posted on how that goes.

6.  We started a green tomato wine...and I forgot to take pictures.  Maybe at one of the rackings I can get Andrew to take a few pictures and I will tell you more.  It has a crazy color, but it smells pretty good!  We've also been drinking some of our first apple and peach wines, and they are very tasty!  Makes me excited to keep making more!

7.  We have apples coming out our ears around here.  We made a batch of applesauce and dried a big jar full.  But we need to do it again, at least one more time.  I can't stand to see all the apples wasted!  Now just to find the time and the energy.....

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