Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Snow!

We had our first snow here! And it is cold! Up around our house, the snow came with a very strong wind making going outside not so enjoyable. It snowed a decent amount last night, but a lot of it got blown into drifts, making it hard to measure exactly how much we got. Lucy was so excited about it that we took her out to play last night while it was dark. And then today, we braved the wind and ice and went to the very empty dog park to let her run around some more. Here are about a million pictures!
All of those footprints are hers!
Look at how the wind is blowing her face and ears around!
Still for once
Mid leap
A little gallop
Can you tell how many of her feet are touching the ground in this picture?
She tended to go for the deepest drifts!
Look at those ears flying!
And I was still cold
But for some reason Lucy wasn't cold enough to be deterred from digging her face in the snow.  Funny dog!
And, if you want to see why we took still photos instead of video, check out the sound on this video clip.


Wyatt said...

Lucy, you lucky dog! The weather man is hinting of snow for us....We can only hope!!
Glad you had fun, if it gets colder, you may need a parka. Do they make 'Lucy Size'?

Wyatt and Stanzie

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Lucy - wow, looks like you're having a fantastic time out in the snow! I have never seen snow and I don't know if I ever will here in hot, sunny Australia!

By the way, I can see from the other posts on your blog that your humans are expecting a human pup...congratulations! How exciting!

Honey the Great Dane