Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How are we?

Overall, I think we are doing pretty well. We are excited for a new addition to our family and for seeing extended family over the holidays.  We wish we had more time at home altogether, and that we had time to figure out what we need to do to be ready to buy a house.  Individually:

Is working in the instrumental library
Is taking his last quarter of classes at Western
Is excited to start his student teaching at a middle school in Mt. Vernon after Christmas
Is teaching a lot of trumpet lessons, and playing a few gigs around town
Has been knitting most evenings

Has only felt sick a couple of times, but it goes away quickly
Is working a lot on some big projects at the middle school, good things, but time consuming
Is trying to get going on the thesis again
Plays a lot of sudoku when she needs a break
Wonders if anyone has favorite pregnancy/baby books they want to recommend/loan

Acts stoned when she is sedated
Is still healing quickly, but is very tired of having nothing to do
Can crawl and bow now
Loves her Kong Wobbler

Has a thick winter coat
Likes to sleep in a milk crate in our bedroom

Is still as fat and whiny as ever
Cries every time Lucy looks at him

Cries at our bedroom window if she missed coming in before the lights go out
Runs around like a crazy cat

Have slowed down laying, but are still giving up plenty of eggs
Hate how muddy the ground is
Escaped one day last week when the weight of the leaves on their netting knocked it down
Get really excited for food scraps when we walk down to their coop


Belinda said...

Congratulations. I am so excited about your news. I was thinking Rhea might be a great person to ask about books. I loved a book called Mamatoto when I was pregnant. http://www.amazon.com/Mamatoto-Celebration-Birth-Carroll-Dunham/dp/0670842788
It was a fabulous book and I think you would enjoy it.
Best to you, dear lady,
Take care

Kimball Family said...

I have my books all stacked up to bring to you. :)

Combitos said...

The only book I have that I still go back to over and over again is "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child". Ava was having a rough time at first and then someone recommended it to me. Reading it was like a lightbulb going off in my head and I don't know any baby who went down easier or slept better than my Ava after that. (2 long naps and slept every night from 6:30pm-8am like clockwork until she was at least 3) It's pretty scientific (not always an easy read) but very practical and more about educating then "telling you what you should/must do". Every kid is different and mom's know best so I liked the approach of teaching me about baby/child sleep and giving me the pros and cons to different methods. I thought it taught me how to fish so to say :) Would be happy to lend it!

Combitos said...

Sorry that was such a long comment but you know how us mom's need our sleep... we've got to stick together!

Kristine said...

Haha, great update! Congrats to Lucy on learning new tricks.