Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lucy's Failed Daycare Day

Yesterday was supposed to be Lucy's fun day at daycare. Instead we (meaning Andrew) got a phone call midway through the day saying that we (meaning Andrew) needed to come pick her up because she was driving the other dogs crazy. I guess our little Lucy has started going into heat!  Luckily, we don't have a mess to deal with yet. Hopefully, we can hold out until Thursday when she is getting spayed. The kind people at Tails were great about, just thought it wasn't a good idea for her to be in the pack of crazed dogs all day long.  So instead of playing with other dogs, she hung out in the office with the humans until we came and got her. They did manage to get a cute photo of her.
Lucy at Daycare
And a cute video of her hanging out in the office.

P.S. Along with her spay procedure, we are getting an elective stomach tacking done to help prevent the risk of bloat. You can read more about the procedure and some differing opinions on the matter here.


Life with 5 dogs said...

We hope that the surgery goes well and she recovers in no time.
Your Friends

Wyatt said...

Poor's tuff being a girl!


Winn said...

I guess this is the real Great Change. Good job Lucy!

Kira said...

Sounds like Lucy may have misunderstood when you talked to her about the new addition to your family ;)