Monday, November 22, 2010


Pizza has been near the top of my dinner list these past few weeks. Honestly, it's always near the top of my dinner list, I've just been giving in more.  It always sounds goods, it's easy to make, it fills us up, and we don't feel gross after. Hard to find many meals that meet all of those requirements. We had pizza twice for dinner last week. Is that bad? The first time, we had our usual pizza style, they end up like this. The second time, we mixed it up a little and had tomato, onion, basil, and goat cheese.  It was delicious!


Kristine said...

This looks way too delicious and makes me wish I had something better for lunch. Pizza perhaps?

Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Anonymous said... not bad. I think you should eat it often. I'm sorry to hear you are sick. That's not good and I hope it goes away very soon!

And thanks for simplifying your loads a lot faster now, which makes me more willing to leave comments. Just so you know.