Friday, December 3, 2010

It's December....

And I still haven't done everything on my list from November!

A few interesting tidbits from that list that I haven't yet shared:
We met with one of the midwives at the Bellingham Birth Center for a consultation and got a brief tour. We have to decided that we are going to use their services! I am excited! We have our first full appointment next Friday!

I did make the apple bisque soup...which probably was really good (at least Andrew and Winn told me so) but it tasted completely gross to my overly picky taste buds. So I never took pictures and shared the recipe. We ate it one night with bread and goat cheese (which tasted way better to me) and had two tupperware fulls that went in the freezer, and two more that went bad in the fridge because Andrew couldn't eat it all by himself. Do you call that a bust?

My favorite from November:
A long weekend spent with family, getting to meet my new nephew, eating lots of delicious food, being extremely lazy, seeing Harry Potter, and not throwing up once in 4 days!  If only I could get 11 hours of sleep every night!

In the plan for December:
Getting our new bedframe that is our Christmas present to ourselves.
Making and buying Christmas presents for family and friends.
Bottling more wine this weekend.
Starting to journal in my pregnancy books...I feel like I can start now after our ultrasound on Wednesday!
Finishing my book.
Organizing photos.
Drinking hot cocca.
Remake the sweet potato recipe we used at Thanksgiving, it was delicious!
Two weeks of sleeping in!

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Kira said...

Hmm...I think the best thing to do when it gets to this point is to just cross the things off you know you're not going to get around to ;)