Sunday, December 5, 2010

Matt & Vanessa's Wedding

Remember back in August when I mentioned in passing that we were going to a really fun weekend long wedding? Yeah, I don't blame you for not remembering. It was a LONG time ago. And I am just now getting around to posting pictures, even though I've had the pictures pulled out and on my flickr account for a while now. But the wedding was so fun that I want to write about it, even if I'm 4 months late, just so I don't forget!

Matt & Vanessa were married at the camp where they met.  Having never been to a camp like this, I didn't really know what to expect for a camp wedding.  Let me tell you, it was awesome!  Guests started arriving Friday night for a welcoming BBQ and campfire.  We all stayed in our own rooms in the lodge, or in cabins, just like you would at camp!  Saturday, guests had time to themselves to hike or explore the local town.  A group of us chose to go on a hike down to the freezing cold river and watch crazy boys, the groom and all the groomsmen, jump in the water!  Later that afternoon, the wedding ceremony was held in an adorable little chapel, with Christmas lights strung up, and a brass quintet playing music.
Love the rustic yet beautiful setting!
Look how happy they are!
Andrew, playing his part of groomsmen.
After the wedding ceremony, we moved out to a large grassy lawn space where we were able to mingle with friends, enjoy a delicious catered dinner, large group dancing (the only wedding I've ever been at where EVERYONE danced!), and, later in the evening, a big campfire!
Look at all of us dancing!
The wedding was really perfect!  It was beautiful, but not so fancy that you felt uncomfortable and awkward.  Everyone was relaxed and surrounded by friends.  There was lots of laughing!  I don't have many pictures of later in the evening, but these last pictures of the groom and his groomsmen should give you a good idea of how much fun everyone was having!

stiffas a board Matt
Congratulations Matt & Vanessa! It was a really fun wedding and we are so glad that we got to be there on your special day!

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