Saturday, December 4, 2010


After a little bit of fuss about getting everyone there due to weather conditions, we spent a relaxing two days with my immediate family and my mom's parents.  In addition to a Thanksgiving feast, we got to celebrate Emma's, Taylor's, Rachelle's, Andrew's, and Granny's birthdays and we had a blessing ceremony with Taylor's family for Levi!   Needless to say, we had two days full of celebrating and eating.  The food was delicious and we spent a lot of time relaxing, playing games, talking, and sleeping. 
The board Andrew made my dad-and the one we got Taylor- definitely got used during our stay.  I think my family has a new favorite game!

Although seeing everyone all at once was a treat, the new baby was definitely the highlight of our Thanksgiving!  We spent a great deal of time fussing over Mr. Levi!  Here are a few of my favorite candid shots of him from our two days with my family.
Levi and Grandma...he really doesn't like to be snuggled!
How can he be cute even when he is mad?  P.S.  Lucy REALLY loved those fleece socks hanging around her eye level....
Moments after the previous picture!
Miss Emma is a natural at putting babies to sleep!
Levi's happy sleeping spot!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who looks more content...Grandma or Levi. He sure is a cutie!

Kimball Family said...

can't wait to be back in a few weeks!