Wednesday, January 5, 2011

14 Weeks

I am 14 weeks today!  Here are a few pictures of me at 13 weeks, 4 my new maternity pants.



  • I am still throwing up, but not anywhere near as bad as I was.  Every few days I have a bad day, instead of everyday being a bad day.  It's getting better so I'm hopeful that it won't last through the entire pregnancy!
  • With the throwing up slowing down and all of the holiday eating, I've gained back about 5 of the 10 lbs that I originally lost.  Sounds crazy, but I'm actually happy to see the scale going up instead of down.
  • I bought a pair of maternity jeans while I was shopping with my mom and sisters!  I could probably have lived without them a few more weeks, but they are SO much more comfortable. Weirdly enough, I think they actually make me look smaller. And they are cute!
  • We started a baby registry on Amazon...I know, it's super early.  But I like having the time to really research and pick each product out ahead of time.  You can search for us on Amazon or click here to see what we have picked out so far.  Let me know if you have any must have suggestions!
  • We have decided not to do any of the genetic testing...there is such a high risk of a false positive, and we wouldn't do anything different if our baby does have a disability, so we just decided not to risk any unnecessary worry.
  • We have also decided that we aren't going to find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  Why ruin one of life's biggest surprises?  People always ask how we are going to decorate if we don't know what we are having...but we aren't really big into pastel baby colors anyway, so we are just planning on using bright primary colors, probably a Dr. Seuss theme to the baby's room.
  • We have our second appointment with our midwives this afternoon, so far we really like them!  The appointments are low-key, and they spend lots of time with us.  Our last appointment was about 1 1/2 hours and they were in there chatting with us the whole time, they never seem rushed at all!  Unless there are any unforeseen complications, we are planning on delivering at the Bellingham Birth Center, which is where all of our appointments are as well.  The atmosphere there is very relaxed and homey, I love it!
  • We signed up for birthing classes, starting in February.  We were taking the Bradley classes, and then are planning on doing some research and practice into some other methods on our own.  I like the idea of having as many options and techniques available as possible, instead of only learning about one.  Just in case that one doesn't work for you for some reason.


yvette said...

thanks so being so up to date on your blog reading them makes me feel like we are closer somehow it is fun to get to know you i really like you guys love Aunt Yvette

Chelsea said...

Hi Lauriel! I was peeking at your registry :) One recommendation: I got the Boppy for breastfeeding, but after the first week bought a MyBrestfriend (worst name ever) and I still use it. The Boppy is not as comfortable or easy to use and I still use my pillow every day. Just something you might want to look in to! It was recommended by all the lactation consultants. Glad you are starting to feel better, you look great!

The Harkers said...

I can't believe you've popped out already! It's probably because you are so skinny and there's nowhere for that baby to go but out! I am one week behind you and can't really tell yet. It just looks like I enjoyed my goodies too much this Christmas! (which I did, of course!) I hate the "chubby feeling" stage, you are so lucky to miss out on it!