Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Baby Purchase

We got our first big baby purchase!  Andrew's parents were kind enough to give a large chunk of money that we could spend on a baby purchase however we choose (that makes shopping exciting!)  Look what we got!
Yes, that's right, we got a Bob Jogging Stroller!  We knew that a stroller was something that we wanted to buy new, and we knew we had some pretty specific requirements, and this was the one and only that fit all of our many requirements!
We wanted:
  • To buy only one stroller (with the exception of maybe an umbrella stroller at one point down the road).
  • Something that we could take on unpaved trails and gravel.
  • Something that we could go running with.
  • Something that has a front wheel that can rotate or lock, that way we can take it running and still steer when we are in a store or at the zoo.
  • Something that works with an infant carseat in so that Baby Bybee can stay asleep, we got the car seat adapter!
  • Something that folds up with one hand, this one really is easy to fold up!
  • Something that gets good ratings, especially for being sturdy and holding up well for long periods of time.
The stroller is more than we wanted to spend on baby, but we decided that is was worth it to have something that we really like.  Especially because this stroller should last us for quite a while!

P.S.  Bob just came out with a new model (I can't find anything that is much better about it!) so, as long as they last, this model is quite a bit less expensive!

Note:  Lucy is terrified of the stroller!  We are leaving it up in the living room and trying to move it around every once in a while to help her get used to it!  It would be great if she was willing to walk next to us by the time the baby comes.  That way we don't have to walk to the dog and the baby separately.

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