Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From the Classroom

The group of boys who, when they heard I got it for Christmas, convinced me to read the first few chapters of The Hunger Games to them because they had heard it was good and couldn't get a copy at the library.  Now they are so engaged and involved involved in conversations around author's intent, inferencing, predicting, summarizing what we read that day, and character development that there is no way I'm going to quit reading this book to them.

The boy who carries my stool to the front of the room every day for me, without being asked, so that I don't have to.

The girl who requested to, set up, and followed through on spending A LOT of time studying with me for her science test.  Then, when her science teacher passed back the tests and she got a B+ (this is the first one she has passed on her own), she asked to go to the bathroom and instead came running to my room to show me.

The boy who asked, in the middle of my reading directions to them, "How much fatter are you going to get anyways?"

The girl who drew me a picture over the weekend and taped it to my desk (with a lot of tape) because I wasn't there when she dropped it off and she didn't want it to get lost on my desk.  Yes, my desk is a mess.

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Steve said...

You are touching & improving lives of others, one by one. Love ya, Dad