Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Highlights

As part of my effort to eliminate anything unnecessary over the holidays, we didn't do any decorating this year.  We didn't get a tree, we didn't put up lights (except for the white lights we have up all the time), I didn't send out Christmas cards, and we didn't do tons of holiday baking.  Sounds scroogey right?  Normally I enjoy all of the holiday festivities but this year, with being sick, it just sounded overwhelming.  So we cut it out.  And we didn't miss it at all, we feel much more relaxed than usual.  Next year festivities are back!

We were able to spend time with both our families over the holidays and it was lovely, low-key, and relaxing.  Unfortunately, we took absolutely no pictures, so you just get a wordy recap.  My slacking does have some negative consequences.

Friday, Christmas Eve: We drove from our house to the Bybee's where we ate delicious homemade soup and shrimp, worked on a puzzle, drank wassail, and watched a Charlie Brown Christmas.  During which we all fell asleep.

Saturday, Christmas Day: Opened presents where we were spoiled with new stainless steel pots and pans, glass snapware, gift cards, books, money, cds...the list goes on.  We had some extended family over for the afternoon while we lounged, ate, and enjoyed each other's company.  That night we all headed out and saw True Grit in the theaters, a big treat for us!

Sunday, December 26th:  Andrew went hiking/snowboarding up a Snoqualmie Pass for the morning while I headed to my parent's house.  He joined me later in the afternoon along with the nearby extended family on the Ward side.  Again, we spent the evening lounging around, eating, and enjoying each other's company!  After the extended family left, we opened presents with my immediate family.  Andrew and I were spoiled again with new shoes, money, books, gift cards, and perfume.

Monday, December 27th: We spent the morning at my parent's house, reading and watching tv, then in the afternoon we headed to Centralia to meet up with the Doty side of the family for a quick dinner celebration at the Mexican Food restaurant.  It was brief, but it was so good to see everyone who could make it!

Tuesday, December 28th:  My dad took Alec, Andrew, and Taylor skiing for the day at Steven's Pass while all the girls went out to eat and went shopping.  Fun spending time together!

Wednesday, December 29th: Home again!

We were very, very spoiled this year in all of the gifts we received...our families are very generous!  Our holiday's were perfect, with only one regret....that we didn't make more homemade gifts.  Every year we talk about how we wish we had given more personal, homemade gifts, but we never plan very well.  Andrew made a few things...posts to come...but next year, we are going to try to do better!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

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