Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Past Week...

...has once again been uneventful but busy.  Some of the fun and busyness from this past week included:
  • Andrew went to watch Solo and Ensemble Competition on Saturday, one of his trumpet students made it to State!
  • Starting Season 2 of Lost
  • Having a good appointment with my midwives, scheduling another one for Tuesday, and getting some referrals for a Naturopathic Doctor.  I'm excited to try something new!
  • Dinner for a friends's birthday on Friday night
  • Unsuccessfully looking for more clothes that fit
  • Good laughs with another group of friends on Saturday night
  • Starting another batch of beer, while playing a fun card game
The view from our back window January 22, 2011

My posts for this week include (I have to do this, otherwise I can never remember what I wanted to write about):
  • The belly picture I've been promising forever...I'm working on it, in the next couple of days for sure!
  • A delicious, nutritious, inexpensive and easy Lentil Chili recipe...but no picture.  I forgot and I don't want to make it again.
  • This weeks menu
  • Our thoughts on moving and buying a house, really I will get to that this week.
  • The tasty Sweet Potato and Curried Lentil Stew recipe we tried this week, I forgot to take a picture of that too.
  • An interesting article I read

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