Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

And we didn't go out in the snow at all!  Snow days, where school is completely canceled, are pretty rare around here.  The snow, however, was not the exciting part of the day to us.  Snow day to us meant:

  • Getting 12 hours of sleep last night.  Seriously, we went to bed at 930am in prep for our 530am wake up, then gratefully slept in until 930am.  This pregnant lady needed it!
  • Watching an episode of Lost while I slowly ate breakfast.  We are starting over in an to watch the whole series (we've only seen through season 4) and are currently on season 1.  And we are loving it, again.
  • Cleaning out our guest room, craft room, storage room, brew room.  Since it is our catch all space, it gets chaotic quickly.  It's much better now!
  • Watching an episode of Lost while slowly eating lunch.  Notice I eat slowly?  Things stay down much better that way.
  • Looking at deer checking out our chickens.
  • Getting some work done that I need for tomorrow's school day.  Yeah, I know, it was a day off.  But I had planned on getting paperwork done at work today and I need it done to survive tomorrow.  
  • Andrew knitted a ball for Lucy, which she is treating so very gently.  Crazy dog.
  • Making a delicious taco/burrito/fajita dinner together.
  • Folding laundry and catching up on some photos and blogging and drinking hot cocca while Andrew is at a Whatcom Wind Ensemble rehearsal.  
Essentially, a low key yet productive day.  Perfect.

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