Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Things That Don't Get Mentioned... other blog posts. Every once in a while I feel the need to do a mini update and share some insights into our life, things that don't seem to make it into their own posts but are usually more important to us than the things I blog about daily.
  • Andrew finished taking classes at Western! He received his diploma in the mail yesterday, very exciting. Technically, he has a Bachelor of Music in Music Performance and when he finishes his student teaching in June, he will add a teaching certificate with an K-12 Music Education Endorsement. Complicated enough?
  • Speaking of which, Andrew is starting his student teaching this month. He is working with a really great Middle School Band teacher. He has been in a few times and really likes it so far!  And yes, we are the crazy people who like middle schoolers.
  • Andrew is still making lots of beer, he usually has a batch going or is planning on starting a batch.  Some of them he makes with a friend and he made a few batches on his own over the holidays.  He makes it look pretty easy!  We've still been plugging away at our wines too!  We bottled quite a few, but haven't started any more lately.  By the end of summer we had 10 different wines going, which was our max.  We are letting it slow down a bit before we pull out anymore frozen berries and get them going.  Maybe soon, I will do a beer/wine tally post to sum up what we've learned in the past year.
  • Andrew is still teaching trumpet lessons, he has about 8 students right now.  The plan is to try and keep teaching all of these students while he is student teaching, and then start trying to pick up a few more.
  • We signed up for a first time homebuyer class that takes place the end of January.  The class is supposed to help us figure out what first time homebuyer grants and credits we qualify for and how to get the most of our purchase.  We will see how it goes, we would love to buy something this spring...but we still have a lot of learning to do!
  • We have been trying to be better about planning food and following a menu.  Andrew has been awesome at doing it with me, it makes it so much easier when it is both of us doing it together.  Give us a few more weeks of sticking to a menu and maybe I will start posting what we are eating!

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Miss Teacher Ma'am said...

Yay for Andrew finishing classes!! I remember how amazing that felt! Congrats Andrew!! :) Good luck with your student teaching.

I'm a fan of the middle schoolers too, even after a year in first grade. :)