Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wine Update

Disclaimer: No I am not drinking while pregnant. I just had a hard time writing this post with me in the past tense and Andrew in the present tense. And I had a hard time moving between saying we and referring to just Andrew. So I gave up trying and just went with we. Didn't want anyone to panic.
These are all the wines we have bottled thus far. We did a little bit of cleaning and reorganizing of the bottles on Wednesday and I thought it would make for a perfect recap.

Mish Mash Apple:This is the first wine we bottled, almost a year ago now!  It was made from apples on all of the different trees in our yard.  We drink it chilled, and it is delicious!  Tastes like a slightly fruity white wine.  Very nice and crisp.
Premier Peach: This wine was bottled last April and is made from peaches that grew on the tree in our yard.  We also drink this chilled, and it is wonderful! It is slightly sweeter than the apple, but not overly sugary.
Apple Wine:  We made this wine from apple juice we bought at Haggen.  This apple juice is made from local gala washington apples, has no preservatives and is amazing.  We bottled the wine in September and isn't quite aged enough to be considered done yet.  Soon though.  When we tasted it at bottling, it was similar to the Mish Mash Apple, but maybe not quite as much apple flavor.  We will have to do a side by side comparison at some point.
Dandy Wine: This wine was made from dandelions picked in our own yard and was bottled in November.  It won't be ready to drink until May but it was mighty tasty when we bottled it.  It wasn't very sweet at all but it had a unique flavor to it that reminded me of summer.
Super Strawberry:  Made from strawberries we picked at Boxx Berry Farm and bottled in December, this is probably our best wine yet.  We just had a little taste when we bottled it, and it's no where near done yet, but already we think it's our favorite.
Coffee Wine:  Made from locally roasted coffee beans and bottled in December, we are somewhat at a loss with this wine.  When we first went to bottle it, it tasted terrible.  So we went sweetened it, waited two weeks, and went to bottle it again.  It was better, but not much.  It has a very bitter first taste that Andrew says just slams you (I haven't tried it).  We bottled it anyway and he is debating ways to make it into some sort of mixed drink or reflavor it make it palatable.  Maybe it will be better when it ages?  Any ideas?
Carrot Hop Wine:  Made from carrots picked at Half Acre Farm and bottled just last week, this wine is definitely not ready yet.  We had a first sip last week and it was very good.  It was interesting to have the hoppy flavor in a wine, but I think it goes very well.  And it definitely doesn't taste very carroty!

Still left in process:
Cherry Wine: which can be bottled as soon as we get more corks
Green Tomato Wine: which will be ready to bottle beginning of February
Pear Wine: which has stopped fermenting, but is taking forever to clear
Blueberry Wine: which is our newest wine and is taking forever to quit fermenting

I think we are hooked!  Winemaking is such a fun, different way to use local produce.  It feels like and experiment every time.  And it's saving us money, another bonus!


Miranda Rommel said...

We're pretty heavy wine drinkers and i'm really looking forward to making our own. Please post some links to your process.

Wendy said...

some of these sound like they'd be good to cook with. That is always a great challenge for me when I'm trying to cook locally, I can't find anything to cook my food in that is made locally.
maybe I should make some wine...I've been thinking about some vinegar too.