Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We really have been trying to take pictures for the past couple of weeks. But our schedules have not been cooperating with the rain or the darkness. We tried to take pictures one evening last week, and they turned out terrible because it was so close to dark. We had to settle for Sunday morning at 10 am, and after looking at the pictures, I realized that it's probably not a big deal that we waited a little while in between photos.  I know that everything fits tighter in the evening than in the morning and I feel bigger at night, so maybe that contributes but I look at these pictures and I feel like I look bigger than that. When I compare the past 7 or so weeks, I really don't think I look any different...it's like I popped out suddenly and early and then stopped growing. But you can judge for yourself.
Me at 13 weeks 4 days
Me at 10 weeks 5 day
From the front...is that a bump?  17 weeks and 4 days
From the side, it's a little more obvious.  17 weeks and 4 days
Yes, we were really trying to take pictures in a windstorm. I'm telling you, the weather hates us.  But Andrew liked this one, so you get to see it too.  17 weeks and 4 days.
How I'm doing (now that we've covered how I look):
  • I feel so much better!  I rarely throw up anymore.  I'm still nauseous for the first 2 or 3 hours of the morning, and I can still throw up if a strong smell comes by during that period, but it only happens once or twice a week.  Once the morning nauseousness passes, I feel great the rest of the day!  My appetite is back and I am starving all of the time.
  • Due to my overactive appetite, I'm back up hovering right around my prepregnancy weight!  Never thought I would be excited about a few pounds.
  • I'm craving pears all of the time.  Perfect since they are tasty and cheap right now. 
  • My energy is back and I am perfectly happy with my eight hours of sleep a night.  I love feeling like I can accomplish a few things outside of work.
  • I have felt the baby move, a few times.  Mostly little butterfly flutters, but occasionally a funny little tapping.  Usually I can only feel the movement when I am laying down, curling up at night to go to sleep, but we've also discovered that fast paced music makes the baby move!  I can't wait until the movements are strong enough that Andrew can feel them too!
  • No aches and pains and I am genuinely enjoying this stage of pregnancy!

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Emily said...

I am so happy that you are loving pregnancy now. You look so cute too. I hope everything continues to go well...and enjoy the little taps...by 9 months you will be yelling at your kid to stop moving as they distrub your organs and try to kick your rib cage out of your body. :) THat aside...it is an amazing feeling to have something growing in you...and actually be able to feel it.