Monday, February 28, 2011

Home Inspection

We had our potential soon to be home on the 21st (yes, the same day as our ultrasound, it was a big day!)  The inspection went great, there are definitely some things that needed to be fixed, but they were all things that we could do ourselves for fairly inexpensive.  We put in our request for things to be fixed and she agreed to fix most of them.  All we have left is the appraisal and some final paperwork stuff with the bank!  We got to spend a few hours at the house, wandering around, taking a few more pictures, and planning where we want to put furniture, measuring was great!  The place was bigger than we remembered, still not huge but bigger than we remembered.  We took a few more pictures, they aren't as cute as the pictures in the listing, but they are mostly for us to remember some small details and spacing things for planning furniture. We are even more excited for it to be ours!
The closet in the baby's room.
Inside the baby's closet.
The oh, so lovely washer and dryer closet...and yes the washer and dryer stay!
This is the front hallway, the closet you see on the right is the hallway laundry closet.
Andrew standing next to the kitchen table, looking down the hallway towards the bedrooms.
From the middle of the living room, looking toward the kitchen table.  You can see the front hallway off to the right too.
This is me :)  Looking at some paperwork while I stand on the heater and and warm my toes.
Standing by the kitchen table looking in toward the living room.  We are thinking that we will put the couches along this wall.
The view of the whole living room.
A view of the kitchen and the kitchen table area.


Kimball Family said...

Looks great! I'm excited (and jealous) for you!

Marianne said...

A new baby, and a new house! That's so exciting. Congratulations! You sound like me, I walked through our new house with a tape measure, and a camera documenting everything so that I could plan, plan, plan!

Combitos said...

Is that a wood burning stove I see? Can I tell you how much I LOVE ours? It's a whole different kind of warm and cozy. Congratulations!

P.S. Those giant windows are awesome!