Thursday, February 3, 2011


We want to move out of this house.  It's been good to us, and we've learned a lot, but we are ready to move on. For a few reasons:
  • The creatures that keep returning under the house if traps and poison are generously and regularly used.
  • The funky smell from under the house (probably related to above) that sometimes gets into the house if we haven't been home much.
  • The age and condition of the carpets.  They are never clean.  Fine for us, not so fine for a little one.
  • Our crazy landlord and his plethora of half finished projects and cars all over the property.
  • We are tired of investing time, money, and energy on improving someone else's property.
We would like to buy a place if we can.  We found a really great real estate agent who has met with us a few times already, walked us through the process of buying a house (since we have no idea what we are doing), helped us research first time homebuyer programs that we qualify for, and recommended a few lenders to us.  All at no immediate benefit to him.  And he seems pretty positive that based on our finances and programs we qualify for that he will be able help us find something we want.  He even showed us some examples that look great!  The past couple of weeks we have been doing some of our own research on first time homebuyer programs and are trying to set up a some appointments with lenders to get approved for a loan.  Wish us luck!

But, if for some reason we can't purchase a home right now, we are going to look for something different to rent.  When we moved into this place, we always meant it to be an experiment for a year or two, just to see if we like living this far out, having chickens, planting a big garden, and being a little more rural.  I think the verdict is in that we most definitely do.  So, the experiment has been successful and it is time to move on.  To some place that we would be happy with for the next 4 or 5 years (at least) as we raise a baby, whether it ends up we are renting or buying.  Long story looking for news on new places to live in the next coming months!


Kimball Family said...

Good luck! I hope you guys are able to buy something you like!

Kira said...

I am so excited for you guys!

Winn said...

Did u guys still want Nicolette's number? I didn't get it to you right away because I forgot, but if you'd like it she'd love to chat with you. :)