Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mexican Food with Family

At least a portion of my mom's side of the family has lived in the Portland area for my entire life. And, as long as I can remember, we have lived in the Seattle area. You wouldn't think that it would be hard to drive the 3 hours between Seattle and Portland, but it's a little too long for a day trip and it is always hard to find a few days to get away. So, we have a long standing tradition of meeting in Centralia, half way between Seattle and Portland.  Depending on who all is coming to meet, and what the occasion is, we usually eat at either Burgerville or the Mexican Restaurant.  This time, we chose the Mexican Restaurant.  We were missing a few people due to last minute illnesses and work, but it was still great to be together and catch up.  We don't get together nearly often enough, I wish we weren't all so busy!  It was nice to see everyone, it's never long enough.  Granny was kind enough to send me the pictures that she sent as I didn't take any of my own, if anyone else has any...you should send them my way!
Nicole and Manu
Nicole and Si'i
Missy Emma
Nate, Levi, and Rachelle
Rachelle, Levi, Taylor, and Alec...I think you also see parts of my parents.
Me trying to keep Manu occupied.

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Kitchen-Dreams said...

If you know of any other places to stop between Portland and Seattle I'd love to know. How is the food at the Mexican Restaurant and what is it called? Thanks, Diane from Portland